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Photography is my true passion in life, I adore being a photographer.

I have always loved being around people. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember always loving being around my family and friends and being the creative one. Growing up with an Italian background I learned about love very quickly. How to accept people for who they are and how to be who you are.
Photography has always made me happy. My Grandad gave me his first camera when I was a child and ever since I have been fascinated by cameras and what they were made for – capturing the true beauty of life.
Over the years I have photographed hundreds of weddings and portraits and I still look forward to every single one of them I’m lucky enough to be invited to shoot.

My goal is to make people happy by providing quality photography that they love and appreciate for years to come.

I’d love to share more of my story, show you more of my photos and spend some time getting to know you as well.

Let’s get together for an espresso and a chat.


For more questions email me at dani@danielafego.com.au
or call me on 0404 033 736 / 93448008.